How to Select the right In-ground Pool Lights?

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Swimming pools are fun and bring added recreation to your family and friends at the expense of your backyard. It helps in wellness, sports, and architectural purposes, increasing the value of your home and adding more activities that everyone can enjoy.

If you are just beginning the construction of your pool or you are in the process of renovating it, a good accessory to add to it as in in-ground pool light. Lights add to the aesthetics of the pool. There are tons of kinds in the market that are powerful and will last for decades, if not for a lifetime.

You can also choose from vivid colors that will complement the design of your backyard garden, landscape, and furniture. Getting an in-ground pool light also adds safety and ambiance when night swimming. Without a light, it would feel like taking a dip in an unsafe, wide lake at night.

Therefore, an in-ground pool light is a necessity when building your pool and one that should not be overlooked. It runs with the use of power and since water and electricity aren’t the best of friends, you need to ensure that your light will not cause any electrical problems.

What to look for in an in-ground pool light?

There are many types of in-ground pool lights that emerged in the market. You may not be so sure with what to buy once you see the vast array of lights when you go shopping. Therefore, researching about the light that you will need is essential to be sure that what you will take home is the right one.

Swimming pool lights are made out of different materials. Prices vary depending on what materials used. However, you should pick one that is encased or enclosed in stainless steel, as it would prevent rusting and corroding. The lights that are mostly bought are the LED, Halogen, and standard pool lamp.

LED Lights – These in-ground pool lights produce a soft and pleasant glow for your pool that aren’t blinding to the eye. They are energy-efficient and have an operating life of more than 50,000 hours. If you are also the type who wants to have several different colors other than the standard fluorescent white, then LED is your best bet.

The lights can be set to be in red, green, and blue. The material is made of stainless steel with polished front and it is very easy to install. LED lights can be wall-mounted but can also be fixed on the bottom of the pool floor. An example would be the:

Qoolife Submersible Led Lights Remote Controlled

The Qoolife Submersible Led Lights can also be used for landscaping. It comes with a remote control that can be used to set the light’s color, which is up to 16 tones. The light comes with a 40cm cord but has no power cord or transformer. You will have to set it up and install it on your own, if you have knowledge on how to set it up, or seek for the help of an electric professional.

Halogen Light – This in-ground pool light, when compared to the LED light has many cons. For instance, it requires more power than LED, meaning you might be shocked with the sudden rise of your electric bill upon installation and subsequent frequent use of this light.

It also has a shorter life span and it is not a “Green” and eco-friendly product since you will have to dispose of them in a short period of time. But why is it still widely used? This is because Halogen lights create the most timeless, elegant, seductive and discrete warm white color. It is still used for pools that come in big sizes, but is mostly installed to light fountains and landscapes.

If you want a Halogen light that is just the right size and capacity for your pool but you don’t want to have shocking electric bills, you should consider:

Opall Swimming LED Pool Bulb White Light

It is efficient and as low-voltage, meaning you don’t have to worry with high electric costs. It can be fixed through the wall or at the bottom of the pool floor. It comes with mood enhancing color lens kit that adds an elegant touch to your pool. The light housing assembly and lens are constructed of a high-grade chemical resistant acrylic material for durability.

Standard Pool Lamp – If you are looking for a no-fuss lighting that will last for years, you can simply go for a simple standard pool lamp that does its job. This kind of in-ground pool light can come as cheap as less than $10 and as expensive as $200.

Make sure to pick one that functions well but doesn’t sacrifice safety and quality. If you are the kind who rarely uses the pool at night, or you aren’t really fussed with having different colors or glowing halogen lights, then this one may be your best pick. A good quality standard pool lamp is the:

Pentair Amerlite Underwater Incandescent Light with Stainless Steel Face Ring

This light has been a long-standing standard for pool lights and is the world standard of reliability for underwater lights.

The bulb is housed in a prismatic tempered glass lens and stainless steel face ring to ensure that it can withstand being underwater for years to come. Installation is pretty easy too but you need knowledge on setting up electrical wirings and whatnot. If you are not sure, it is better to consult a professional who can install it for you.


Underwater lighting is a fun and safe addition to your in-ground pool. Not only does it allow for safe swimming when the sun had gone down but it also adds beauty to the overall structure of the pool. It also creates a pleasant atmosphere especially when hosting evening parties.

As pool construction packages always come with a standard light, it is up to you if you want to replace it with lasting ones that come in different sizes in and colors.